Konica Minolta Business Solutions Vietnam sponsored the charity event at Lang Tre Humanitarian Center, Dong Nai Province

04 Dec 2017

Bắt đầu 05 Dec, 2017 7:58
Kết thúc 05 Dec, 2017 7:58

On Saturday, 02/12/2017, all members of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd. joined the charity event at the Lang Tre Humanitarian Center in Cam My, Dong Nai Province.


The center is home to 150 children who are orphans, disabled babies abandoned and nearly 100 single helpless elderly. Konica Minolta visited and gave gifts including milk powder, fresh milk, noodles, porridge packets, confectionery for the center...

Social charity activities have become regular activities of the company, attracting a large number of members to join.



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